Shock Your Children with This Holiday Gift Idea

You need only to look back to your own childhood to come up with a holiday gift idea for your children. What was the staple in most backyards and city sidewalks when you were a kid? Red wagons, of course! Red wagons were used for many things such as towing friends, siblings, or pets around, or packing them full of dirt, rocks, and all the other fixings for mud pies—or you may have traveled in one yourself as your mom made a trip down the street to visit with a neighbor. No doubt about it, a red wagon was the staple of many childhoods. Why shouldn’t today’s children have the same luxury?

Today’s children are high tech. Many of them can play computer and video games before they even learn to read, write, multiply, and divide. While all of this has its own positive and negative factors, one thing that is certain is most families have lost sight of what it really means for children to “go play.” Years ago that term meant going outside, using your imagination, and having fun—not couching out in front of the television, logging onto a kid’s game site, or sending jokes to your friend through text messaging.

The truth is if you gave many of today’s high tech children red wagons they’d probably look at it like them like they were something from another planet. It would probably take them a while to really get into the swing of things outdoors, learn how to use their imaginations, and really begin to have fun with it. Yet, giving a child a red wagon is probably one of the best gifts you could ever give to him. If you need a holiday gift idea for your child this holiday season, consider a red wagon. It’s the type of gift that goes beyond the actual toy itself and gives a child the gift of just being a child.