Looking for a Frugal Holiday Gift Idea?

If you are like many people this year, the rising cost of food, gasoline, and heating oil has put a crimp in your finances. With the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering just how you will be able to afford gifts for your friends and relatives. The good news is you donít have to spend a lot of money to give a thoughtful gift that will delight everyone on your list. Finding an affordable holiday gift idea is easier than you might think.

Get crafty.

Is there a craft that you enjoy? If so, why not use your expertise in this craft to create homemade gifts? The possibilities are limitless Ė you can knit scarves or baby booties, make recipe books, sew a personalized quilt, create handmade ornaments, or make beautiful flower arrangements. Wherever your talents lie, you are sure to find something that can be made into a great holiday gift.

Bake something delicious.

If you enjoy baking, making your own baked goods is certain to be a people-pleasing gift. You can make holiday cookies and cakes, or whip up the banana bread thatís always a hit with your friends. Put several items into a basket, wrap it in colorful cellophane wrapping, and decorate it with festive ribbon. Homemade goodies are always a welcome holiday girt idea.

Give a gift that can be shared.

If there is a family on your list with several siblings, try to find a gift that several members of the family can enjoy, rather than purchasing a gift for each member. Jigsaw puzzles or board games, for example, can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Make festive spice jars.

A great holiday gift idea for a cooking enthusiast is a basket of spices. You donít have to purchase expensive pre-packaged spices. Your local farmerís market or health food store is bound to have an assortment of bulk spices. Place the spices in glass jars, label the jars, and decorate them. Tie some holiday ribbon around the jar lids, and place them in a basket.

Offer your babysitting services.

Around the holidays many parents need help with childcare. Create babysitting vouchers for them that they can redeem with you for company holiday parties, New Yearís Eve bashes, or nights out on the town.

By giving any of these gifts, you will not only save money, but provide a personal touch that is difficult to achieve with a store-bought gift.