How to Come Up with the Perfect Holiday Gift Idea

There a number of simple ways to come up with thoughtful holiday gift ideas that each person on your list will love. You can become the person whose gifts bring tears of joy to your loved ones. If you struggle with getting ideas for the type of gifts to buy your friends and family, try one or all of these methods to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember making brainstorming webs when you were in school? The teacher would write something in the middle of the board, and then circle it. Everyone would throw their ideas out, and they would be written down. You can use this method to generate holiday gift ideas. Start by writing someone’s name in the middle of a piece of paper. Around their name, write down general things you know they like. Connect each of those to the name with a line.

Once you have a few general topics, start thinking of all the things you can buy associated with those things. Circle each of those and connect them with a line to the general topic they correspond to. Don’t give any thought yet to what they might already have, whether it’s within your budget, or if it’s something they would want. Just write down everything you can think of. Once you have all of that on paper, you can search through and narrow it down to one thoughtful givable gift.

Another way to generate holiday gift ideas is by making a list. Write a loved one’s name at the top of a sheet of paper. Beneath their name, list every special memory you have with them. For example, “Weekend in Florida,” could be on thing on your list. When you have four or five special memories written down, start a new page for each one. Starting with the first memory you wrote down, list beneath it each specific happy moment you had. For example on your Weekend in Florida list, one specific moment might be, “Swam with dolphins.” A holiday gift idea for that person could be a glass dolphin trinket or a framed collage you create of your dolphin photos.

A new, rich source of finding holiday gift ideas involves social networks. Almost everyone has a profile on one site or many. Looking at a person’s profile will tell you so much about them. Although you may not normally pay lots of attention to your friends’ or family members’ profiles, you should go over them carefully when trying to generate holiday gift ideas. From most profiles you can find what type of movies, books, and music a person enjoys. You can also look at their photos to see what type of clothing they like. Their blogs might even list specific things they would like to receive for the holidays.

Trying each of these methods is sure to generate a lot of ideas. When in doubt, pick the gift that is the most special to you. It truly is the thought that counts.