A Holiday Gift Idea for Children that Doesn’t Involve Toys

If you’re tired of giving children the usual gifts of toys and games year after year, there is a unique holiday gift idea that you may want to consider for the children in your family—a gift certificate to go to camp. The American Camp Association can connect adults with a database of over 2,000 camps for children. Camps can be found that match most any budget, age group, interest, ability, or disability. Your gift is sure to be a big hit with both the parents and the child.

Roughly 10 million children and teens experience camp each year. Camp is a great place for kids to come together with their peers. Camping experiences allow kids to relax and become their true selves because no one has any preconceived ideas about who they are, and their reputations don’t follow them to camp. This is ideal for a child who may be having a rough time of it at school, or for the child that is personable and eager to meet all different types of individuals.

Don’t think that sending a child to camp necessarily means they’ll be leaving home for a week or more. While it’s true that these types of camps are offered, there are day camps available, too. These are perfect for the kids—and parents—who want the camping experience while still being able to return home each evening to their own homes and beds.

Specialty camps are a favorite among youth. They are a place children can go and get totally immersed in their hobbies while rubbing elbows with their peers who have the same interests. There are camps that cater to most any interest a child may have—from cooking to race cars. The American Camp Association has done all the work for you. Let them connect you with the camp that best suits the child in your family.