Finding an Enriching Holiday Gift Idea for Tween Girls

Generating holiday gift ideas for tween girls can be a difficult, if not excruciating, task. Almost any tween girl will have a very good idea of exactly what types of gifts they want. Some of these gift ideas may not be at the top of their lists. However, choosing one of these gifts carefully for the right girl could help shape her into a wonderful young woman, or even change her life.

One holiday gift idea for a tween girl is a book. Consider the reading level of the child you have in mind. Young adult books can have quite a range of reading levels, and not all kids of a certain age will read at the same level. If the tween you’re buying for is a big reader, you can ask her for ideas. If she isn’t, you may want to go for a novella length book. There are lots of books for tween girls that focus on topics like self-esteem, confidence, creating good study habits, feminism, and activism. There are even entrepreneurial-themed books aimed at young readers. Any of them would be helpful in building a positive part of a tween girl’s personality.

Another holiday gift idea for the tween girl on your gift list is a digital dictionary. Most digital dictionaries allow for software upgrades so that they can grow with your vocabulary or vocation. There are specialized software packages available, including collegiate and medical. A digital dictionary can increase a tween’s vocabulary, grades, and even her confidence. It will also be useful to her through junior high, high school, and college.

If you need a holiday gift idea for a tween girl, think about what that gift can give to her now and in the long run. Choose a gift that is useful and can help your tween transition socially and intellectually into young adulthood.