Holiday Gift Idea for Pets

If there is a beloved pet in your inner circle, why not extend the holiday cheer and come up with a holiday gift idea for the furry critter? The pet will love the new goody, and youíll score big brownie points with the petís owner.

One thing to keep in mind when you consider a pet holiday gift idea is whether itís safe for the pet. Itíd be a shame if the gift you gave Fluffy caused her hair to fall out, or if the present you gave house-trained Fido caused him to mess everywhere. Here are some pet gifts that are both safe and healthy that you may want to consider:

Edible chew toys that have an additional edible treat inside of them for dogs, or a toy that will pique the curiosity of cats, are gifts that will keep a petís focus off of the new, interesting things that are in the home during the holiday seasonósuch as bows, ribbons, wrapping papers, trees, ornaments, electrical cords, and more.

Most pets enjoy bling. Buy a dog a new leash, or a cat a new collar.

Pet clothes and gift certificates for grooming are big hits during the holidays.

New, tasty, homemade pet treats are great to have on hand for animals when its time to bring out all those yummy foods. It can help keep sniffing noses and licking tongues in their designated places.

If youíre pretty close to the petís owners and theyíve mentioned their pet needs to lose weight, give the pet a gift of low calorie pet food. It can be mixed in slowly with the petís original food until the pet has transitioned nicely over to only eating the healthy food.

A new bed that has a removable, washable cover is a great gift for pets and owners.