Holiday Gift Idea for Someone with Night Sweats

A unique holiday gift idea you may want to consider purchasing for that special person in your life that suffers from night sweats is a wool mattress pad. Your first reaction may be that wool would be the last thing anyone would want to sleep on, but the truth is wool is the ideal fabric for someone who suffers from night sweats. People in the hottest climates in the world have been using wool for thousands of years to keep their bodies cool and comfortable. Wool is a natural fiber and it breathes. In fact, it breathes better than most other fabricsóeven the ones that have been produced to mimic wool.

Your first thought of wool may be that scratchy sweater your mom forced you to wear when you were young. This isnít the case with mattress pads. Itís not itchy or scratchy. The wool that is used in mattress pads is very soft and cushiony because itís been carded, or combed. Itís so cushiony that many people with fibromyalgia and arthritis are reporting itís their fabric of choice to sleep on because it is so cushiony. They say sleeping on a wool mattress pad is ideal for them because it acts as a soft barrier between their bodies and the mattress itself.

Another great benefit of wool is dust mites hate it. Itís also very resistant to mold, bacteria, and mildew. Why else would medical professionals recommend that people with allergies sleep on untreated wool? They know itís hypoallergenic.

As you can see, a wool mattress pad is ideal for someone who suffers from night sweats. If that person also suffers from allergies, you are essentially giving them two gifts in oneóa mattress pad that will not only keep their skin nice and cool, but will also keep their allergy symptoms at bay.