A Holiday Gift Idea for Everyone on Your Shopping List

The thought of gift giving can bring some people to the brink of insanity. The good news is there is a holiday gift idea that will suit everyone on your gift list: magazines subscriptions. Magazine subscriptions allow you to personalize your gifts without spending a fortune on them—and your gift will keep giving long after the holidays are over.

What a thrill to the teacher, sports lover, gardener, or teen on your gift giving list when they discover you have went the extra mile to ensure they love their personalized gift. Receiving a year’s subscription of their favorite topic will most undoubtedly make you the best gift giver on their list.

It is not difficult to learn which magazine would suit whom. You simply have to observe, or have a little inside knowledge about the person. If your person is into fishing, race cars, or sports, a subscription catering to these subjects will make them happy. The person that is into gardening or home interior will love a subscription to any magazines in those categories. Teens that are interested in sports, fashion, or online gaming will devour magazines on those topics.

If you want to make it easy on yourself, purchase everyone on your gift list a magazine subscription. It will be one stop shopping, and you can fill out the subscription forms from the privacy of your own home. What could be simpler than that? Most magazine subscriptions can be purchased in the $10 to $20 price range—so treat you to a favorite magazine or two, too.

When it comes time to give the gift, simply purchase a copy of the magazine. Enclose a note telling your person you have purchased them a year-long subscription and watch the smile come to their face.