Avoid the January Blues – Get a Cheap Holiday Gift Idea

If you want to save money this holiday season, you need to get in the right mindset. Thrifty holiday gift ideas can be homemade gifts, crafts, or even re-gifted items. You can also add a homemade touch and save some cash by making your own wrapping paper, gift tags, or cards.

Plain wrapping paper is much less expensive than the shiny decorated types. If you have lots of gifts to wrap, buy plain paper. Plain paper can be dressed up on the cheap in a few different ways. Rubber stamps and sparkly ink pads can be purchased at almost any craft store for just a few dollars. Stamp the paper in a repetitive design you like. Gift tags can be made to match by cutting out a square of the paper and applying the same stamp to the front.

Making some simple crafts is another holiday gift idea. Holiday wreaths can be a costly purchase, but creating one can be done for under $20 with supplies from your local craft store. To personalize it, add meaningful ornaments. You can make a centerpiece that matches your loved one’s holiday décor for just a few dollars. Craft stores and dollar stores are perfect places to get inspiration for crafty holiday gift ideas.

Re-gifting has gotten a bad rap, but it can be a fun and free way to exchange gifts. One example is to have your company holiday party after the holidays. Suggest that the party be a re-gifting party. That way everyone who got a gift they don’t love can give it away to a co-worker who will enjoy it.

Try to decide if you can make or re-create the more expensive gifts you would like to buy. Suggest less expensive ways of exchanging gifts, like exchanging services. For example, each person in your family could give one another a free night of babysitting or lawn mowing. If you’re artsy, express your love with personalized painted cards or a portrait drawing. The most important part to coming up with thrifty holiday gift ideas is getting creative.