Find a Fun Holiday Gift Idea for Toddlers

As parents of toddlers already know, toddlers are active, imaginative, love to emulate their parents, and insist on doing everything themselves. Here are five holiday gift ideas guaranteed to please the pint-sized people on your list.

A kitchen of their own.

A play kitchen makes a wonderful holiday gift idea for toddlers. Suitable for both boys and girls, play kitchens come in wooden and plastic versions. The sizes of these kitchens range from miniature stoves, to full-fledged versions that include refrigerators, sinks, and ovens. For a fun touch buy wood or plastic play food or dishes that the toddler can put in the oven or “wash” in their sink.

Musical instruments.

Toddlers love making noise, so a musical instrument is a perfect gift for children of this age range. Even the youngest toddler will love to bang on a drum, shake a maraca, or tap a miniature keyboard. You can purchase musical instruments in any toy store or if you are good at making things yourself, build one from materials available at a craft store.

Ride-on toys.

Ride-on toys are always a hit with toddlers. Tricycles are a great option for toddlers over the age of three. You can find “girly” tricycles to please the little princess on your list, or mini-dirt bikes for toddler boys. For toddlers younger than three, ride-on toys that are propelled by their feet, or pushed by a parent are a safer choice. A rocking horse is another type of ride-on toy that is popular with toddlers of all ages.

Balls, balls, everywhere.

Toddlers love balls of all sizes, so why not consider a gift of a ball pit? Ball pits are filled with colorful plastic balls, and the frameworks are either inflatable or made of plastic. Toddlers will love to jump into this pool of balls. A ball pit is guaranteed to be a gift that won’t collect dust in the playroom.

A magical hiding place.

Toddlers of all ages love collecting things around the house and bringing these “treasures” into their very own space. A playhouse makes a great indoor or outdoor space for toddlers. You can purchase plastic or wooden versions, with or without doors and windows. Many playhouses are decorated with popular cartoon characters making these toys a popular holiday gift.

Any of these five gifts are guaranteed to please even the most discriminating toddler on your list.