Finding the Best Holiday Gift Idea for New Parents

Having a baby around the holidays can make this time of year very stressful for new parents. Not only do they have a new baby to take care of around the clock, but they also have to manage the pressures of the season. Buying and wrapping gifts, preparing holiday meals, decorating the house, and making the season magical for older children are just a few of the things sleep-deprived new parents have to do while handling round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes.

While new parents will welcome presents for their new baby, it’s easy to find another holiday gift idea that they will appreciate. Here are a few thoughtful gifts that will make their lives easier and as a bonus, won’t require you to spend any time at the mall.

Home-cooked holiday meals and treats are wonderful gifts for new parents. They probably won’t have time to cook, so this is a great opportunity for you to share your favorite holiday recipes with them. If you make a few meals and freeze them, they will be able enjoy a home-cooked holiday meal by simply heating it up in the oven. You can also bake holiday desserts, such as sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, fudge, and brownies, and include them with your gift.

Deck their halls.

Helping with house decoration and Christmas tree trimming is another thoughtful holiday gift idea for new parents. You can purchase or make your own ornaments for them, and at the same time, offer your help in trimming their tree and decorating their house. You can also offer to help them clean up and put the decorations away after the holidays are over.

Provide a personal gift-wrapping service.

After bringing a newborn home from the hospital, the last thing new parents want to do is wrap gifts. Why not offer your services to them as a gift wrapper? You can select and purchase the wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards, and then wrap their gifts for them. If they need to mail gifts to long-distance relatives, you can offer to bring their packages to the post office for them.

For the far-flung new parents on your list.

If the new parents on your list live far away, you can still send a gift that will help make their holidays and taking care of their newborn less stressful. Consider sending a “care package” that includes baked goods, as well as items to help the new parents, such as breastfeeding supplies or diapers. A new mom may also appreciate a gift certificate to a local spa.

Any of these ideas will help you make the holidays less stressful, and very memorable, for new parents.